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Graphic Novel.
142 pages.
July 2017.
Language: English.
Script: William Geradts, Richard Fairgray.
Color: Juan Moraga
Publisher: Beyond Reality Media.

Any story can have an apocalypse happen, once, maybe twice, this isn’t any apocalypse, this is the NOWPOCALYPSE!
Patrick and Ben must save Dane, who has been transformed into a floating murder balloon

let must defeat her many enemies, both imaginary and real
Simon must save the Fay and his allies from Violet’s imaginary and real enemies
And Beethoven Jones must take as many selfies as he can while the insanity lasts

Zombies, faeries, time travel, jet bikes, dwarves, dwarfs, pixies, inspiration duncans, elementals and other insane creatures, all combine to make this the nowpocalypse to end them all.