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Bixby Grant, Murder She Cried

Novela Gráfica
80 páginas
Marzo 2023
Lenguaje: Inglés
Guión: Patrick Coyle
Color: Arthur Hesli
Editorial: RNM Press

Bixby Grant is a man with no reason to live, and no way to die.

Ninety years ago, Bixby Grant became a living mummy. Friends and family now long gone, heʼs taken to drinking in seclusion, trying to forget his past.

But a new client hires Bix to find her missing husband, the son of a local business tycoon. Sheʼs worried for her husbandʼs life; thereʼs a full moon coming soon, and in Harbor City that means werewolves — LOTS of snarling, bloodthirsty, werewolves!